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COMPASS tests are given in the areas of math, and/or reading, and/or writing (English) and used for admission and employment purposes. This web page will provide you information on taking COMPASS for your particular purpose.

COMPASS for CSU students

COMPASS tests are required of certain students for admission to CSU and scores will determine if you are eligible for admission. If you are admitted on your COMPASS scores, the scores will then determine placement into Learning Support or college-level courses. Because this is an admissions test, you are strongly encouraged to prepare before taking COMPASS. Retesting is only permitted in certain cases. The math test will cover algebra. Click here for a list of acceptable calculators for use on the math test.

We recommend the following free websites to help you prepare for COMPASS:



For details on what the COMPASS tests will cover and for sample questions, go to

Test fee: $25, regardless of the number of COMPASS tests you need. NOTE: The request to take Compass must be communicated to you by the Office of Admissions. Do not schedule an appointment unless you have been asked to take the test.

If Admissions has asked you to take Compass, click below to schedule your appointment and choose Compass for CSU students only. 

If you do not live in the Columbus area, it is possible that we can arrange for you to take COMPASS remotely at another location. You must contact the Testing Center for arrangements. If you do not contact the Testing Center for arrangements, your scores will not be accepted.

Taking COMPASS remotely for other schools:

If you are required by another school to take COMPASS, you must have that school register you to take the test remotely at CSU. We charge $30 for remote testing and appointments are required. Click on the Schedule Your Appointment NOW button above and choose Compass (remote) for another school.

Taking COMPASS for employment in Law Enforcement:

We administer COMPASS to individuals applying for jobs in corrections, police departments, fire departments, etc. Appointments are required and a fee of $30 is assessed. Click on the Schedule Your Appointment NOW button above and choose Compass for Employment (Law Enforcement).

To have your COMPASS scores sent to other schools:

If you took COMPASS at CSU and wish to have your scores sent to another school, we charge $5 for a transcript. You must provide us with the fax number or address of the school or institution and we will send the transcript.