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Testing Center

U.S. and Georgia Histories & Constitutions Proficiency Tests

A 1975 act of the Georgia Legislature established the requirement that students at state-supported colleges and universities must successfully complete coursework and/or pass examinations in the United States and Georgia histories and constitutions in order to earn a degree. Students automatically satisfy this requirement if they pass HIST 2111 OR HIST 2112 and POLS 1101 at Columbus State University or another system institution. Transfer students from outside the University System of Georgia and others deficient in these areas must demonstrate knowledge through proficiency tests administered by the Testing Center. Tests include Georgia History, Georgia Constitution, US and Georgia History, and US Constitution.

Tests are delivered through CougarView, and each contains 25 multiple choice questions. Passing is 60%.

Eligibility: The legislative areas will be listed in DegreeWorks or on your academic advising record.

Scores: Results will be provided after initial testing.

Retesting: Students who do not pass can schedule another appointment to retest after a 24 hour waiting period.

Test preparation: The following study material has been provided by the History and Political Science departments.

Click on the following study material for the Georgia History and U.S. History tests

 Click on the following study material for the Georgia Constitution test. You will have access to the Georgia Constitution online when you take this test.

Click on the following study material for the U.S. Constitution test

Payment: $25 per test.  Appointments are required. Payment is due when you schedule your appointment. When you schedule, you must confirm that you have read, and will abide by, our payment policies .

ID requirements: You must present an unexpired government-issued photo ID with signature--driver's license, passport, military ID, state ID. The first name and last name(s) on your identification must exactly match the first name and last name(s) in your CSU records.

To take a test if you live in Columbus or within 50 miles:

You must test at the CSU Testing Center if you live in Columbus or the surrounding service area (within 50 miles).

Appointments: When you schedule, you must confirm that you have read, and will abide by, our policies. You are also confirming that you have read the information about the test, above. To test on campus at the CSU Testing Center. click here . Read the instructions, and then select the name of the test you need from the dropdown menu.   

To take a test if you live at least 50 miles outside of Columbus, you have two options:

If you live more than 50 miles outside of the Columbus area, you have two testing options:

1. test at the testing center of a college or university closer to home, or

2. test using a secure remote online proctor service (ProctorU).

For either option, you must click here to complete the remote testing registration form to indicate which option and which tests you need, and make the test payment. Once you complete your registration and make the payment, you will receive an email with further instructions.