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Testing Center

Residual ACT for admission to CSU

The Residual (on-campus) ACT can be used only for students applying to Columbus State University.

Eligibility:  You should not take this test unless you cannot take a scheduled (national) administration of the ACT because of a deadline requirement. Students who do not plan on attending CSU must not take this version of the ACT. 

Dual Enrollment: Students applying for dual enrollment are not eligible to take the Residual ACT and instead should take a national administration of the ACT or SAT. See the ACT website and the SAT website for upcoming national testing dates.

Retest restrictions: If you have taken the Residual ACT previously, you must wait a minimum of 60 days before repeat Residual ACT testing.

Calculators: All problems on the mathematics test can be solved without a calculator. If you choose to use a calculator, please click here for the ACT calculator policy

Acceptable Identification: All identification must be original, not a photocopy or reproduction. Please check the sections on Acceptable Forms of Identification and Unacceptable Forms of Identification on the ACT website. Students who do not present acceptable ID will not be permitted to test.

Prohibited behavior: Please click here to read the testing rules and policies for the ACT Test.

Parents and visitors: To protect examinees from anxiety and distraction, parents and visitors are not permitted to enter testing rooms or remain in the building during the test administration.

Scores: Answer documents will be hand scored within 48 hours and these unofficial scores will be provided to the office of Admissions. Scores are unofficial until verified by ACT.

Test preparation: Click here for ACT Test Prep.

Cost:  $70, payable online at time of registration. Non-refundable.

Items to bring: Acceptable ID, sharpened #2 pencils, acceptable calculator. See above for details about ID and calculators.

Final test date for Fall admission:  Thursday, July 26 REGISTRATION IS CLOSED