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Testing Center

Testing Center

Proctored Exams for CSU's Online Courses

We now proctor exams for CSU's online courses and allow two and 1/2 hours for your appointment. There are two things you must do before you can take your exam:

1. schedule your appointment online by clicking on the link below. Your appointment is for two and  1/2 hours so if your instructor is giving you more time to complete your exam, you must contact us to request additional time

2. complete the proctor form and submit it to the Center of Online Learning to indicate where you will take your exam

Once you schedule your appointment to test and submit the proctor form, the Center of Online Learning will give us permission to proctor your exam. You must follow this two-step process for each and every proctored exam you take.

Payment: $30 per exam. Payment is due when you schedule your appointment.

To schedule an appointment to test: Click here to indicate you have read the above information and are ready to schedule your appointment. Select CSU Proctored Exams for Online Courses from the dropdown menu.

 Click here for the Center of Online Learning's proctor form.